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Our Team.

The project before you is in truth the result of a decades-long search by our project’s veteran producers.  We have been actively seeking a truly unique “World-Class Situation", one that is chock full of proven story elements and presents a diverse, but exceptional cast of characters.  We believe that all are necessary to create a global HIT multi-season show.


Doug Stanley

Producer / Director


Todd Stanley



Charlene Taylor

Line Producer


Kicko Rocha


Our Story



As producers,  we have considerable experience in creating successful, non-fiction, edge-of-the-earth style programming.   Doug Stanley and his brother Todd Stanley are both founding producers of Discovery Channel’s global HIT show, Deadliest Catch. This series stands as the top show in the history of Discovery Channel and has been broadcast in nearly 200 countries in 45 languages for the last 20 years. 


Through the past decades they have produced projects with the Sherpas on Mt. Everest, with Soldiers in Iraq, Marine Salvagers, Gold Miners, Oil Men, Rodeo Stars, Ranchers in Montana and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, as well as many other groups.  Although each of these projects proved to be of merit, none of them were capable of matching “Catch”.   

We have come to understand that an audience vests in characters based upon their ability to relate to them.   In the movie Rocky, Rocky Balboa did not begin the story as a hero, he struggled, just like us. When he began to falter, the audience CHOSE to vest in him, to support him with their own hopes.  When Rocky won, we won.   

North Point is a simple story set against the extraordinary.  We chose this particular place at this particular time because we believe that what is going on here is an extreme expression of the human condition, a pushing-the-limits situation that is relevant in the modern day - and due to much recent international media coverage, global awareness has exploded.  


In this endeavor we are producing a stand-alone 60-minute film, which will also serve as our pilot-episode to establish an ongoing series of hour-long shows. 

We believe that THIS is the next 20+ season HIT show! 

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