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Rich Story Flow Across Seasons of Episodes


North Point’s story environment - just on LAND - is unlike anything ever seen on television.  This is a truly tight international culture made up of characters from the U.S, Brazil, Portugal, France, England, Ireland, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Japan….  These are not cookie-cutter-“dudes”with fist full of their parents credit cards and a luxury of time to spend in the ocean. These characters are an extremely diverse group of people dedicated to a living a hard life, willing to scrap for it and to struggle if they must.  For them it is all about doing everything necessary in order to allow them to chase their dreams for just one more day.  Yet at the same time, there are many egos.  And of course, Lino, the town’s “godfather” will be a constant source of ongoing stories. His hands are in everything!


The following are examples of real stories that we already have in the can.  Some of these stories will likely end up in the final cut of our soon-to-be-available 90-min stand-alone pilot.

Story Examples

RH - Beach Fight 2
RB - Rob Business
PS - Paddle surfing
OS - Old School Surfer
Pw - Pigs at Warehouse
OB - Oskar Rob Business
NE PS Nazares edge Paddle surfing
NC - Nazare Change
LM - Live & Me
LH - Late Herrings
LL - Lino Landlord
LG - Lino Godfather
LG - Life Guards
LB - Lino Buggy
LF - Lino Godfather
HP - Haroldo Ponders
HO - Haraldo Origins
GJ - Goes to Jail
FT - First Trip
FL - Francisco Lisbon
EL - Eduardoj Langer
FC - Forcast Call
BS - Business Surfer
DW - Desperate Walk
BG - Before Garret
AN - About Nazare
BG - Before Garret
AN - About Nazare
WA - Waves Arrive
TN - This is Nazare
TT - Techtonic Shift
SL - Surfer Life
SJ - Surfer Journey
SA - Spotter Advices
RR - Ring Rescue
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