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Lino Godfather

LG - Lino Godfather

Lino describes his business, Nazaré Water Fun, and how it rose with the coming of the big-wave surfing. Lino has been involved from the very beginning.  “They are ALL my kids!”, he says of the surfers.  “If I didn’t take care of them, who would?”


Eduardo comes to meet with Lino.  He needs a lawyer and his court date is looming. He has come to ask Lino for his help. 


In their meeting, Lino kindly but firmly describes the conditions under which he will help Eduardo.  He will provide the money, yes, but Eduardo will have to work for him. Eduardo readily agrees and begins painting Lino’s new warehouses immediately.  And when Eduardo finally faces the judge, it seems as though Lino has put in a good word for him, he is not deported, but the Judge requires Eduardo to return to Brazil immediately in order to renew his driver’s license. 


Eduardo’s Gel Blaster teammates have been waiting for him outside of the courtroom.  They give Eduardo a little gift when he returns, a toy Nazaré police car.  Although the gift brings a smile, Eduardo is stern.  He now faces a new challenge, and it is pressing hard on him.    He must now find the money necessary to fly back and forth to Brazil… and he knows that there is only one man in town that can help him… 

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