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Forlorn Walk

Langer now co-parents a dog with his ex, Andrea.  When she is away from her apartment, his past home, Langer goes for a visit with his dog, Joe Bean, who is on a balcony above him crying.  Langer explains his side of the breakup, but it doesn’t seem like their relationship is over.  Leaving Joe Bean still crying on the balcony, and feeling quite forlorn, David walks across the Sítio, and takes a trip down the cog train, the “Ascensor”, to the lower town.  Along the way he speaks of his many personal challenges. He is “looking bad”, unable to pay his bills, and hopes to find a way to reconcile with his daughters, especially Liv who has followed him to Nazaré, seemingly only to be close enough to torment him.


As David exits the Ascensor train at it’s bottom terminal, he is reminded that it is the time of Carnival in Nazaré.  Revelers are out on the streets and a long night of partying is coming.  Not being a drinker himself, David goes out into the night anyways and finds some solace amongst the Portuguese people. 

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