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North Point - Life in the Impact Zone


The narrow, cobblestone streets of the old seaport town of Nazaré, Portugal have only recently become home to an extremely unique set of international characters, those who have left behind responsibilities, jobs, families and even fear itself - and have come to Nazare’ in order to surf the biggest waves in the world.  Without exaggeration, these characters represent our modern gladiators.


North Point will provide viewers with an insider’s perspective into the interwoven world of these compelling characters, each willing to risk it all in order to fulfill their own destinies.


Set against a most-visual old European backdrop, here in Nazare’ are surfing’s world champions. Here are the current big wave world record holders, and here as well is a hungry pack of fierce competitors biting at their heels, each with an entirely unique story, always willing to risk their own life in the incredibly dangerous, visually spectacular arena that is Nazare. 


In this particular arena, it is both man against the sea and man against himself.  Brother and sisterhoods have formed and rivalries have risen, but in the impact zone all must work together closely, actively standing guard for each other in the most perilous of situations.


And survive they must, not only in the water, but through their displaced daily lives so far from home.   While a few of them have been graced with both luck and talent and have found stardom and the financial support of major sponsors, the majority of these characters are simply struggling every day in an all-out effort to be able to continue their all-consuming, personal vision quests. 

As an episodic series, North Point will utilize the proven non-fiction format.  Our characters are real. Our stories will be real. Our approach will be genuine, comprehensive and authentic.  Our audience will vest deeply into our characters, and into their entangled lives on land, while they gain real insight into each team’s goals and ongoing campaigns in the waves. Time and time again, our show will tell compelling stories that bring real meaning into the arena itself.  North Point will be both an intimate and an extremely wild story as it introduces and follows the extraordinary characters who have chosen to live their life in the impact zone. 

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